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Entrust yourself to professionals

Information retrieval in the Czech archives can be a truly hard nut to crack for non-expert researchers for several reasons.


One reason is that for a person without any historical or archival education, as well as without any research experience, it is difficult to search the required information in the extensive archives. Another reason is that most of these archives are not digitized and getting access to them may require travelling all over the Czech Republic.


Moreover, older archived documents were originally written by writing types that are not used anymore and, thus, are practically unreadable for contemporary people without any knowledge of paleography. Many archival documents going back to the period before the establishment of Czechoslovakia were written in German, while the documents older than these even in Latin.


Another option is, of course, to spend long months searching in the Czech archives. However, if you prefer spending your time more efficiently, you can use the services of our experienced historians and archivists, who can retrieve for searched information in a far shorter time than is the time needed by non-expert researchers.


Services for Scientific Research Workers


Our services are also useful for professional researchers from abroad, for whom it is more cost effective to have the necessary information retrieved from the Czech archives rather than having to pay the high costs of travel and stay in the Czech Republic.




An integral part of our professional services is also absolute confidentiality. The third parties are not under any circumstances informed about our clients’ identity or their subjects of interest.

Our services include

  • Information searching (information retrieval and elaboration of a summarized report based on retrieval and excerption of archival materials and other specialized resources)

  • Genealogy Research – Family Trees (We also offer an exclusive Family Book service. In addition to processing data available from parish registers, we will also search through archives and use the information we obtain to put together the comprehensive story of our client’s family and provide them with copies of archival documents as well as with historical photographs of their ancestors, if available. In collaboration with a partner company, we can embody the findings we have made in a representative publication that may serve as an original gift to your relatives. Should our clients, including compatriots abroad, wish, we can tailor individual tours for them to follow in the footsteps of ancestors.)

  • Corporate history research

  • Excerption or copying of archival materials

  • Translation from Czech into English, German, French and Russian

Lukáš Cvrček, Ph.D.

Further information

After my graduation from the Czech History Department at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague in 2006, I worked for several years as a research worker at the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes based in Prague. My professional specialization is in modern history of Czechoslovakia, in particular in the 1960s, history of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and biographical research of its representatives. I am a member of Czech Genealogy and Heraldry Society in Prague.

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